Welcome to Wild Home School Northern Ireland!

Hey everyone, thank you for visiting Wild Home School! My name is Róisín and I live in Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland with my partner Paul and our three children – Dara aka Young Fermanagh Naturalist (who is letting me borrow his site to share this blog!) Lorcan and Bláthnaid who are all the autistic spectrum. All unique, all with an amazing perspective on life. This blog will chronicle the journey I have just started this very day – to homeschool my youngest, Bláthnaid who is 7 years old. 

After a gut wrenching and utterly tortuous time trying to encourage her not to ‘fit in’, this was seemingly impossible within a mainstream school environment. Constantly feeling like she was on the edge, unable to concentrate because of impacting sensory issues, being subjected to a learning style that was not reaching her talents and gifts; she struggled. Every single day. Finally the dark circles under her sea green eyes which had lost their sparkle, sparked an idea. I thought…Could I? Is it possible? How about home educating?! So, with a lot of support and encouragement from friends and teachers – here I am. She has been de-registered from school and here we both are. Scared, excited but ready to move forward. 

Both my boys have benefited from a joint experience of school and a very strong ethos of learning from nature, science and experience at home. We filled in the many learning gaps and encouraged independent education and self discovery. They are wonderful kids but it’s a challenge for sure, we are imperfectly perfect – in our world. 

I hope I’ll connect with other home educating families and share experiences and challenges! 
Thanks for stopping by to read my introductory post!!!